On the 2nd of September, Slattery’s Carbon Planning Team was announced the winner of the ‘Project Innovation’ Award, at the Property Council of Australia’s 2022 Innovation and Excellence Awards.

In 2021, Slattery became the first Quantity Surveying firm in Australia to launch a Carbon Planning service. Available in conjunction with Cost Planning to assist our clients in achieving their Net Zero and sustainability targets, the focus is to address and educate clients on the upfront embodied carbon of their current and future developments.

Slattery’s Managing Director Sarah Slattery accepted the award, stating:

“Slattery pride ourselves on our innovation, which is sparked by a culture of curiosity and challenging the status quo. As quantity surveyors, it makes sense for us to not only measure embodied carbon but to be the catalyst for change. Our role on major developments starts early on, and this is the time we can make the most dramatic impact – not only on the design outcome but also in the reduction of carbon emissions.”

A commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has long been a part of Slattery’s business model. In early 2020, Slattery recognised that despite ESD becoming a fundamental aspect of the property and construction industry, limited knowledge of the costs associated with sustainability existed. The industry was separated to have ESD experts, and then cost experts – with little intersection.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, Slattery Directors recognised that the decreased workload for technical staff should be utilized for research and development – Director, Tom Dean, leading a suite of quantity surveyors in researching how carbon planning could work. Fast forward to September 2022, Slattery is now working with over 20 national clients to measure embodied carbon, helping the likes of The GPT Group, Vicinity, Assemble, Create NSW and City of Melbourne reach their net zero targets.

Congratulations to the other finalists, and thank you to PEXA for sponsoring the award, the Property Council of Australia and overall award sponsor RLB.

Read more about Slattery’s Carbon Planning Service here: https://lnkd.in/gdHKRr_4