Professional Education Building, N82, Griffith University QLD

Griffith University is developing a new flagship building for the Nathan Campus, the N82 Professional Education Building. This 21,000m2 building will contribute to the University’s sustainability goals and will offer students a combination of general teaching spaces, specialist spaces for Art, Music, Training, and Science Education, clinical research laboratories for criminology and psychology research, and office space for academic and professional staff.

Slattery is providing full cost management services from concept design to tender award. Our team will then work through to construction phase services. We are working closely with Griffith University and the wider design team to fully understand the scope, design intent, and wider site implications which are crucial during the early phase of cost planning. This is critical to ensure that sufficient allowances and contingencies are included from the start for those areas of work not yet fully explored such as demolition / make good and landscaping.

During the design phases, we will continue to review the design and provide updates on risks to the budget, providing information on alternative materials/options, ensuring that the design intent and budget are maintained.

The flagship building is situated next to the arrivals area and will help curate a lively and engaging campus, one that highlights Griffith University’s core principles and values.