Carbon planning – Measuring embodied carbon

Slattery’s carbon plan works alongside your cost plan to ensure the optimum design outcome is achieved.

At Slattery we strongly believe that if we don’t measure it, we can’t manage it. Slattery is proud to be the first Quantity Surveying firm in Australia to launch a Carbon Planning service.

How does this add value?

With buildings producing 25% of Australia’s emissions, carbon planning is of huge importance to the property and construction industry. As the focus on carbon neutrality increases, and key sustainability rating tools shift their focus to embodied carbon, sustainably designed buildings are of significant value in today’s market.

Why Slattery?

As part of the role of cost manager, Slattery is best placed throughout the design to understand the quantities of materials in the project and their associated embodied carbon emissions. We assist organisations in efficiently achieving their net zero and sustainability targets.

Embodied carbon reduction opportunities are greatest and most cost effective earlier in the design phase. The Slattery Carbon Plan begins by setting a carbon budget. Much like cost planning, it is then an iterative process throughout the design stages.

Slattery’s Carbon Plan works alongside your cost plan to ensure the optimum design outcome is achieved according to the specific project goals. We highlight project ‘carbon-intensive hot-spots’ early enough in the design phase to allow changes that will reduce the environmental footprint of the project. Rationalisation of the design and ensuring efficiency of structural systems, followed by material selection and/or replacement are the key steps to reduce a project’s embodied carbon.

Methodology and approach

To learn more about our approach and process for carbon planning, we invite you to read through our methodology paper that gives an insight into how we achieve comparable, consistent and replicable benchmarking data.

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Slattery joins The Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA)

Slattery is excited to announce that we have joined The Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA).

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