We are delighted to announce that Stephen Cummins has joined Slattery as Director, Project Strategy.

Stephen’s role will focus on the early phase of projects to ensure our clients make better investment decisions and have the greatest opportunity of project success.

Stephen joins Slattery from AECOM where he has been leading the cost management team across Victoria and South Australia. Since commencing his career with Davis Langdon in the UK, he has gained a significant range of experience across the built environment. Stephen is passionate about delivering successful outcomes for clients. He recognises that success is a subjective term, which varies from individual to individual, and project to project. Stephen is adept at working with clients at project inception to unearth what success will look like, and then putting in place a strategy to ensure successful outcomes are realised. Strategy comes down to the choices we make, determining the right decisions that minimise risk.

Stephen will be working across the Slattery business to ensure we are maximising the value we are offering our clients.

To contact Stephen email stephen.cummins@slattery.com.au

Stephen Cummins