We proudly announce that Slattery is now a carbon neutral business!

The journey to here has been an evolution of our practices and policies and has reaffirmed our position as an industry leader in the fight against climate change.

In late 2019, Slattery implemented a Sustainability Action Plan, taking a pledge to be completely carbon neutral by 2023. The plan represents a formal recognition of our corporate social responsibility to ensure that our business activities are not negatively impacting the planet.

Our Team Green commissioned an assessment of Slattery’s carbon footprint for 2021/2022 FY and from the results, devised and implemented a carbon reduction strategy. We made a number of changes such as transitioning to green power in both our Melbourne and Sydney offices, and improving our recycling and waste disposal practices. For 2022/2023 FY, Slattery engaged Pangolin Associates to conduct our greenhouse gas assessment. We successfully reduced our gross carbon footprint by 40% from the previous financial year which is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our Team Green. Our footprint was then converted into a total figure of tonnes of CO2eq, which we have offset through the purchase of carbon credits to create our carbon neutral footprint.

Members of our Team Green felt it important that the wider staff group be included in the process to maintain a culture of transparency, accountability and knowledge-sharing. So, in December 2023, we held a staff engagement workshop on carbon offset credits. This allowed us to better understand the preferences and priorities of our staff which proved insightful and influential to our selection of carbon credits from Tasman Environmental Markets. Our contribution will support native forest regeneration in southwest Queensland and a wind renewable energy project in India.

In addition to achieving carbon neutral, Slattery has donated to Greenfleet to further demonstrate our commitment to proactively combatting climate change. Our donation will fund future Australian native biodiverse forest reforestation projects which will sequester carbon in the environment and have a direct positive impact on the communities in which we operate. The trees that will be planted on our behalf will absorb 518 tonnes CO2-e from the atmosphere.

Thank you to Pangolin Associates, Tasman Environmental Markets and Greenfleet for navigating us on this journey. There are various methods for achieving carbon neutrality and given the growing and valid scrutiny of the carbon credit industry, we’ve provided a detailed Public Disclosure Statement [PDS] of our process. Click here to read the document.


Carbon Neutral Declaration Public Disclosure Statement cover image