Slattery is proud to be the first Quantity Surveying firm in Australia to launch a Carbon Planning service.

This new service will be delivered in conjunction with Cost Planning to assist our clients in achieving their Net Zero and sustainability targets. The focus of the carbon plan will address and educate clients on the embodied carbon of their current and future developments.


With buildings producing 25% of Australia’s emissions, managing carbon is of huge importance to the property and construction industry. A key step in reducing carbon in understanding the difference between embodied carbon and operational carbon, with embodied carbon equating to 35% of total carbon emissions for a standard building.


Whilst many companies are taking great steps to address operational carbon reduction, embodied carbon remains largely unaddressed. Moreover, operational carbon levels are reducing due to targets becoming more stringent and the de-carbonisation of the grid. However, embodied carbon impacts will increase over time.

Value to Clients

Carbon neutral or carbon neutral ready buildings are of significant value in todays market. In short, a reduction in embodied carbon in buildings assists organisations to achieve their Net Zero targets.

Slattery Carbon Plan

The Slattery Carbon Plan begins at the onset of the project by setting the Carbon Budget. Like cost planning, it is then an iterative process throughout the design phase of a building.

Slattery’s Carbon Plan works alongside your Cost Plan to ensure the optimum design outcome is achieved.

Slattery Carbon Planning