Embodied carbon (emissions associated with manufacturing of materials and construction processes throughout the whole lifecycle of a building) made up 16 per cent of Australia’s built environment emissions in 2019, and without intervention this share will balloon to 85 per cent by 2050, the Green Building Council of Australia has warned [Australian Financial Review].

To help address this concern, Green Building Council of Australia have recently introduced specific upfront embodied carbon reduction criteria to achieve Green Star ratings, ranging from 10-40% carbon reductions depending on desired Green Star classification and when the project is registered with Green Star.

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Sustainability and the environment are forefront issues at present. The upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26 Glasgow) in November will be the first COP to include a day in the program dedicated to Cities, Regions and the Built Environment and Slattery look forward to seeing the recommendations from this forum.

Slattery’s Carbon Planning Service allows us to work with our clients to calculate and help educate them on the embodied carbon of their developments. We aim to highlight project “carbon-intensive hot-spots” early enough in the design phase to allow changes to be made to design, material selection and/or procurement to achieve our client’s embodied carbon reduction goal.

We are delighted to have the recent endorsement of the Green Building Council of Australia.

“Reducing the impact of embodied carbon in buildings is a key challenge for the property sector and will play a critically important role in the future of Green Star rating tools. As part of the GBCA’s role to drive change through knowledge and awareness of embodied carbon, it’s fantastic to see GBCA members like Slattery developing service lines like their new Carbon Planning service that will assist in responding to this.” – Green Building Council of Australia.

We look forward to making a difference to achieving the embodied carbon reduction goals set by GBCA and are proud to be a member of such a significant organisation.

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