Slattery is proud to be supporting ”Summer Housing” to provide quality housing for young people with a disability or complex care needs who would otherwise be forced to live in a nursing home.

Summer Housing has grown out of initial projects developed by the Summer Foundation (Ltd), a NFP organisation who are working to lead sustainable change for younger people with a disability.

Young people with a disability are often forced to live in nursing homes simply because there is nowhere else that can provide the care they require.

Over the next 5 years, Summer Housing plan to commission in excess of 300 dwellings specifically for young people with a disability or complex care needs, making a significant contribution to appropriately house the 6,200 young people currently living in nursing homes in Australia.

Summer Housing’s solution is to provide high quality housing with innovative design that enables independence and community inclusion.

Through this program residents can be active participants in the communities they live in, with apartments situated near transport, shops and other amenities. Crucially this also allows young people to build and maintain relationships with family and friends.

Slattery is currently providing cost management services on approximately 50 apartments across 5 projects. Our service gives the Summer Housing team confidence that they are getting the most out of every dollar they spend which in-turn ensures the best quality outcome for young people in need.

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Stephen Cummins
Stephen Cummins