On Friday the 26th of August, Slattery hosted in an intimate panel conversation with industry leaders, in celebration of Wear it Purple Day.

Wear it Purple Day is an international movement of expression, celebration and support, that strives to foster safe, empowering and inclusive environments for the LGBTQIA+ community.

To discuss ‘Creating Safe and Inclusive Workplaces’, Slattery curated a panel of remarkable people within the industry, including:

  • Jude Tsai, Director – Slattery Australia
  • Seton Walsh-Rose, National People Strategy & Culture Manager – Gray Puksand
  • Jackson Carr, Project Coordinator – Multiplex

With Andrew Johnsen, Director of Strategy at TMX, as moderator.

Panelists shared personal stories and provided insights on how we can all help contribute to the creation of inclusive spaces that allow everyone to bring their authentic selves to work.

Some of the key understandings:

  • The need for commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity to be led from the top.
  • Ensuring our co-workers from the LGBTQIA+ community feel comfortable by not assuming sexuality or gender identity. This can be as simple as eliminating gender specific language.
  • The importance of considering intersectionality when implementing strategies that attempt to increase inclusion

The 2022 theme ‘Still Me, Still Human’ encapsulates the message of humanity, honesty, integrity and authenticity when discussing all diverse identities within the LGBTIQA+ community.

Thank you to our panelists for generously sharing their stories, and to our guests who joined us for this important conversation and helped to create a safe and inclusive space.